Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Opening Night Approaches

It's been a while since we have posted, but we've all been really busy with rehearsals.

Here's a little update on how the play is going. Rehersals have been going really well. The cast has been working really hard on their dances, songs, and their acting. We even heard the first recordings of some of the songs and they sound great!

We have some great news to announce. OPENING NIGHT will be April 30th at the Juab Fine Arts Center Auditorium in Nephi, Utah. The auditorium is located inside the county building.
Juab Fine Arts Center (Juab County Bldg)
160 North Main Street
Nephi, Utah
United States of America

You can already buy tickets directly at the erin's promise website. www.erinspromise.com

Remember to check out the website for further dates across Utah if Nephi isn't close to you!

and just for your amusement, here is a great picture of some of the cast enjoying a nice treat during practice.